Content overview

Thoughtful, consistent interface content is a core element of a well-designed experience.

Who should use this guide

All people who write for the University Libraries.

If you create or maintain any content on the web, you are a designer of experiences. It is in your hands to take on the responsibility that carries.

The content guidelines help understand how to think strategically about the language used to convey messages. They provide clear, tactical suggestions designed to help use language to craft better experiences.

Content checklist

Further reading

The University of Minnesota Libraries’ website prioritizes the support of users new to our site and services, and by doing so, supports all users in their goal to find and access our resources and apply them to their work, and our goal to engage and inspire our diverse community of users.

-Web Content Management Committee, core content strategy statement

The University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries website, as part of the University Library system, seeks to provide low-barrier access to health sciences information in order to support 1) discipline-specific information needs of AHC faculty, students, and researchers; and 2) effective and meaningful engagement with library staff, services, and tools.